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Family historians, 2010 might be the year you make a breakthrough with your Herefordshire, UK, ancestors. Check out the latest updates on pages a, b, f, h, l, m, p and w.

This site is maintained by two volunteer members of Herefordshire Family History Society one in Ontario, Canada and the other in Oxford, England. Follow this link to find out more about the Society on their own website. This site lists surnames (family names) of families from the County of Herefordshire in England that are being researched. Search the site for surnames of interest and contact the researcher by email.

To submit entries (and to amend or delete existing entries) follow this link and please read the instructions carefully.

VERY IMPORTANT!!! Please include in the subject line of your email "HS" followed by your SURNAME(S) interests, separated by commas.  Otherwise your email will be treated as spam and deleted.

PYE family researchers note - take a look at the page relating to the Pye family of Little Marcle, Munsley and Ashperton in Herefordshire.

If anyone has any comments, questions, feedback or whatever on this website my email address is on the Pye page.

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